Top 8 Places to Visit in Hunza Valley

Rakaposhi View Point:

Rakaposhi ViewPoint is a point near Gilgit. It is a little place where we can look Rakaposhi. Mountain shielded with snow is the primary attraction of Hunza Valley. It is 27th highest mountain in the world and it comes on the 12th number when we talk about Pakistan. Best months to climb this mountain are July, August, and September.



Karimabad is the capital of Hunza, located in Gilgit Baltistan. This place is popular because of the assorted variety of Culture where old rulers feel glad to rule. Individuals of Karimabad had Smiling Faces, Modern way of life, inviting gestures. Vacationers love the way, how individuals of Karimabad live. Tourists from foreign countries and local areas come to enjoy and explore the beauty of this place.


Baltit fort:

Baltit Fort is 700+ years of age situated in the Hunza Valley. The Baltit Fort used to be the seat of administration for the chieftains, privately called Mirs, who governed the now-dead state for a great many years. Before moving to the Baltit Fort, the leaders of Hunza used to live in the Altit Fort, situated inside 5 kilometers. The fort is currently a gallery opens for just for going to. Conventional occasions like Bofao and Ginani are likewise held at the fort. The best thing about the fort is that not at all like numerous different forts in the locales, it has an extraordinary assortment of antiques. In Hunza, the Baltit Fort merits a noteworthy place.


Altit fort:

Altit fort intended to give an all-encompassing perspective of a valley where in ancient times individuals used to exchange silk and different products. This fort is an evidence of best structural information what individuals of Hunza Valley demolish. This fort is really attractive for tourists because of its amazing architectural design.


Attabad Lake:

Attabad Lake which is additionally known as Gojal Lake is an incredibly excellent lake in Gojal Valley It was made in January 2010 because of the landslide. At first, it exhibited an extensive trouble with local people and even brought about the loss of lives of numerous individuals. But later, it has turned into a noteworthy tourist destination in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Indeed, today, it remains as a standout amongst the most beautiful lakes on the planet. The most extreme depth of this Lake is 358 meters. It is a perfect place to have some unforgettable photograph sessions.



Passu is the most romantic place in Hunza.  A lot of people from far away areas come to visit this place. This place is well-known because of Passu glaciers and Passu cones. One should not miss visiting this romantic place in Hunza Valley. It is one of the most beautiful valleys amongst Top 8 places to visit in Hunza Valley.


Gojal Village:

Gojal Valley is located in District Hunza. Beginning from Shishkat, the valley extends up to the Pak-China border. It is really a beautiful village.  Gojal village is surrounded by Passu cones. Without a doubt, this village is the most amazing place amongst the most wonderful places in Pakistan. Shockingly, only a few Pakistanis have seen it or may know regarding it. The individuals of this village are really welcoming, loving and caring.

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