Top 5 Best Singers of Pakistan

Pakistan has a wealthy music culture. I feel that there is a sort of music in the conduct of our nation. History of Pakistani music is packed with enormous names like Mehdi Hassan and Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Our artists are renowned on the mainland as well as they have increased overall fame. It is exceptionally hard to set up a rundown of top 5 best singers of Pakistan. Pakistani music industry has made a long and hard journey to be the place it is currently. The beautiful songs that have turned out over the years have influenced everyone to experience passionate feelings for them.

Give me a chance to round up the top 5 singers of our nation who have delivered music so fascinating that one really want to chime into their melodies.

Atif Aslam:

Atif Aslam is one of all the famous and proficient singers within the world. Atif doesn’t belong to any music background. However, he has not got any musical coaching however still; he’s ruling the music industry. He is ruling on millions of heart all around the world with his sharp voice and adaptable singing. All of his songs are so amazing. His great looks are only a reward. The charisma of his persona and the tune of his voice have made him the heartthrob of his fans.


Ali Zafar:

Ali has figured out how to cast the spell of his voice on a great many individuals with his entrancing voice. He has figured out how to stand out as truly remarkable in Pakistan as well as across over border as well. He is the best singer and he has also got the really good looks.


Hadiqa Kiani:

Hadiqa Kiani is the famous singer of Pakistan who was born and bred in Rawalpindi. She has performed at different stages of the world. Hadiqa is proved to be the queen of POP. She is truly a legend and is ruling a lot of hearts. Some of her popular songs are Manne di Mauj, Boohay Baariyan, Dupatta, Tuk Tuk and a lot more.


Bilal Saeed:

Bilal Saeed is the young and talented singer of Pakistan. He was born on 12 December 1998 in Sialkot.  He is also a good songwriter, music composer, and producer. He has won many awards in Pakistan, India, and the UK. He is a passionate singer and has the magical voice.


Amanat Ali:

Vocalist musician and on-screen character, Amanat Ali was brought up in a melodic family. He was born on 10 October 1987 in Faisalabad. His dad, Nazakat Ali, granted his insight and skill of ghazal and folk singing and guaranteed that Amanat got training from the age of 6. Other than being a marvelous artist, Amanat is likewise a capable multi-instrumentalist, playing the tabla, guitar, consoles, pakhawaj, and harmonium.

Overwhelming the world as the winner of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa (Middle East – Pakistan 2007), Amanat has worked broadly in making some essential tunes over the Subcontinent. His has a brilliant and pure voice


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