Top 10 Places in Lahore You Should Visit

//Top 10 Places in Lahore You Should Visit

Top 10 Places in Lahore You Should Visit

Bahria grand mosque

The Grand Jamia mosque is the 7th largest mosque in the world and is the proud identity of Bahria Town Lahore and will symbolize Pakistan all through the Islamic World. It’s extremely an ideal work of art; the inside area of the mosque is totally good, with superb views talking to the mix of standard Muslim style with Pakistani culture. The duvet has been specially crafted and trade in from Turkey


Badshahi Masjid

Badshahi mosque was constructed by Aurangzeb Alamgir, the sixth Mughal emperor in 1673. It’s the 2d largest house of prayer in an Asian country. This mosque displays the superb design of the Mughal emperor. Badshahi mosque has the capability of over fifty-five hundred worshipers. It’s situated in the urban center and complimenting the Lahore Fort. It is huge, daring and majestic therefore nobody ought to miss visiting this place in Lahore.


Shahi Qila

Shahi Qila is also known as Lahore Fort. It is a very large fort and covering 20 hectares of area. Who manufactured this superstructure is as yet a secret. It is another artful culmination of King Akbar (a Mughal King); he took an exceptional enthusiasm for its up gradation. Its entrance door is directly before the Badshahi Mosque. This gate is known as Alamgiri gate.




Minar-e-Pakistan was built in 1940 and is situated in Iqbal stop Lahore, at the crossing point of the roundabout street and Multan Street, encompassed by the cutting edge stop where individuals visit day and night. Guests can climb upstairs for a delightful view of Lahore city and its environment. It reflects the architecture of Mughals.

When you come to Lahore I recommend it ahead of all comers that you need to visit, it’s exceptionally excellent and tremendous tower portraying the recollections of the Memorandum of Pakistan.


Wazir Khan Masjid

Wazir Khan Mosque was built by Shaikh Ilm-ud-racket Ansari, Viceroy of Punjab under Shah Jahan in 1634. Ansari greeted from humble beginnings in the town of Chiniot in the Jhang region of Punjab. He inspected pharmaceutical under Hakim Dawi and was enrolled by the Mughal court as the individual specialist of Prince Kuram, the future Shah Jehan.

It is one of the authentic Mosque of Pakistan and Mughal time. A large number of people visit here on the regular routine. Since it is a holy place for the Muslims so take care to visit and cover your head and don’t enter in shorts.


Shalimar garden

Shalamar Bagh (Garden) was constructed in 1642 AD by the Mughal Emperor Shah-Jehan. Initially, the garden had seven rising courtyards, however, currently, simply 3 stays cover a locality of around forty-two sections of land. There’s a marble structure underneath that dilute streams and falls over a cut, marble chunk creating a water-fall impact. Toward the top of the second courtyard could be a pleasant structure referred to as “Sawan Bhadon”.


Lahore Zoo

Lahore zoo was established in 1872. There is a huge collection of animals in the zoo that is more than 1350 of different species. It is one of the biggest zoos in Asia. Kids love to go to the zoo and they enjoy a lot there. So it is one of the best places in Lahore to visit with your children.


Lahore Museum

At first, the Museum was set up in Wazir Khan’s Baradari (structure) in 1855 in the focal point of a date garden. After some time it was understood that the space of the Baradari had turned out to be insufficient for the regularly expanding shows in the Museum. At the point when the Punjab Exhibition of Industrial Arts and Crafts was held in 1864, the accumulation of the Museum was exchanged to the new Exhibition Hall, later called the Tollinton Market and now the Lahore City Heritage Museum.



Wagha Border

Wagah is that the one and therefore the solely border crossing India and Pakistan– 2 unfriendly neighbors who share similar past. There’s an incredible, emotional show at the check-point every night, a show of energy that symbolizes the affiliation between the 2 nations. The changing of the gatekeepers and therefore the conventionalized passing down of the flags task is finished with awful ceremony and competition with guests from the 2 sides of the border giving a shout resolute them. For around half-hour, before sunset, the gatekeepers parade before the entrance in good ensembles. The flags of each nation area unit then brought down and therefore the doors get closed. The border opens every day from nine am to three pm on the Pakistani side and from ten am to four pm on the Indian side.

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