9 Adventurous Activities you can do in Pakistan

Pakistan is an amazing country and it is not only famous for food but also for many other reasons. Since Pakistan has an assortment of views including mountains, deserts, and lakes, you get a splendid chance to not simply to discover the beautiful place of Pakistan yet in addition to doing fun happenings. If you are an adrenaline junkie and searching for some genuine adventurous activities to do in Pakistan, here is a list of some adventurous activities you can do in Pakistan:



Skiing is an amazing recreational activity that you can enjoy during the winter season. To glide on snow people use skis. There is a place in Swat valley named Malam Jabba which is really famous for this adventure. To get remarkable skiing experience people from all over the Pakistan visit this place.


River Rafting

River rafting is also known as white river rafting and is one of the most amazing adventurous activities you can do in Pakistan. The river kunhar is the best spot for this activity, a place few meters ahead Naran. It is really a fun activity and one should not miss experiencing this adventure.



Paragliding is an endowment of wings, flying is really entertaining. You can do paragliding at Khanpur Dam, KPK where there are very much prepared individuals who fly with you in paragliding. If you are well-trained in this activity then you can do it alone. In Pakistan, there are numerous spots which provide paragliding facilities.


Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is another adventurous activity you can do in Pakistan. For this activity, Karachi is really the best place. Churna Island is another amazing spot for scuba diving and it is the most ideal place for this activity. People can get very affordable and attractive packages for adventurous activity.


Desert Safari

An enormous desert safari is organized each year at Cholistan Desert, Balochistan. If you want to do this fun activity, you ought to go to the occasion every so often and coordinate with individuals with the same curiosity. Many adventure clubs and organizations give a desert safari. Including a territory of 6.65 million sections of land, the Cholistan desert has pockets of the populace, with their domesticated animals and little residences.


Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is really an amazing activity. Most of the people think that they can do jet skiing only in the ocean but the reality is that they can do this in canal, lake or dam too. There are many spots in Pakistan where you can do jet skiing.


Rock Climbing

The Trango Towers close to the Baltoro Glacier are the ideal spots for Rock Climbing in Pakistan. Gilgit-Baltistan is home to enormous elevations. The Karakoram can be world class or frightful for Rock climbing. You should visit Central Karakoram Park where you would discover peaks of medium-to-enormous elevations. Pick a mountain you like and climb it to satisfy your drive for the experience.



Riding on a chairlift is a really good experience. If you want to have this amazing experience then you must visit Ayyubia and Patriyata. Most of the people find this very thrilling experience.


Horse Riding

No doubt, horse riding is an amazing sports activity. In major cities of Pakistan, there are many different horse riding clubs. Join those clubs and learn horse riding, and if you ever visit northern territories, do horse riding in the rich green meadows.

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