7 Traditional Pakistani Desserts You Need To Try

Pakistani desserts play an important part in every Pakistani’s life. On every occasion or festival, whether it is Eid, birthday, Christmas, wedding, wedding anniversary, bridal shower or anything, desserts are the must. There are various types of traditional Pakistani desserts that you simply should need to try at least once. It won’t be right to state that without these following desserts Pakistani events or celebrations are inadequate.



Kheer is the most delicious dessert and this is the most popular dessert in Pakistan. There may be different names of kheer. People make this dessert by using slightly different recipes. Mainly it is made of milk, rice, sugar, and cardamom. Another form of kheer is “Firni” which is slightly different than kheer. Firni is made of rice flour instead of rice.



Zarda is the most common sweet dish in Pakistan. It is yellowish in color. It is made up of rice, sugar, yellow food coloring milk, pistachio, and almonds. People add more things to it according to their taste. On most of the happy occasions zarda is a must dessert and once you eat it you cannot say no to zarda.



Jalebi is another sweet dessert of Pakistan. It is round in shape and yellow or orange in color. It is the most dessert in Ramadan. You can get it very easily. Its recipe is very simple as it is made of sugar, wheat, yeast, water and food coloring. This dessert is really sweet and crispy.



Gulab jamun is the dessert of Pakistan that attracts everyone. This round and soft dessert are very common in Pakistan and Pakistanis love to eat this.



Ras malai is an innovative and most popular sweet dish that is got from rasgulla sweet. It is white, delicate and smooth balls cooked in the velvety drain. It is made with paneer curd, drain, and sugar and fragranced with cardamom, saffron, kewra or rosewater. Ras malai is delighted in frosty.



Kulfa is the most delicious traditional dessert of Pakistan. It is really sweet and creamier. It is made of milk, cream, sugar, cardamom and dry milk. In Pakistani wedding functions, kulfa is the most common and popular dessert, especially in the summer season. It comes in different flavors such as pistachio, almond, khoya and much more.



Seviyan is another traditional dessert of Pakistan. It is made of milk and sugar. It comes in different varieties and people love to eat seviyan. We can also mix this dessert with other desserts such as custard or ice-cream and it makes a deadly combination. On Eid festival, seviyan is the most popular dessert and kids love to eat this.


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