7 Most memorable Pakistani songs from the 90’s

In the 90s era, we were not having any smartphone or internet but we were having only a Sony Walkman sound recording device for our entertainment. Now every morning we used to check our phones even before washing face and brushing teeth. But at that time one used to get up to the sound of Radio Pakistan’s morning transmission.

I think that kids these days hear some out extremely strange music. I know that this Yo-Yo Honey Singh era but still I love 90s songs. It was a prodigious period for music industry of Pakistan. So in case you’re similar to me and miss the wonderful music of the 90’s, be all set for a remarkable throwback experience that will give you the amazing nostalgic feeling.

Purple Candies brings you top 7 Most memorable Pakistani songs from the 90’s that you are certain to be recalled as a 90s child.


Manne di Mauj by Hadiqa Kiani

Hadiqa Kiani is the queen of melody. She is the merely female pop-star of Pakistan today, who has been so reliable. Her voice still conveys virtue and transparency in our spirits. With ‘Manne Di Mauj’, Hadiqa Kiani ventured into the music industry and transformed it until the end of time. With this lovely song, one could feel like they are in the 90s. This excellent song shot in Kashmir.


Sayonee by Junoon

Almost everyone loved Junoon while growing up while Jazbe-e-Junoon has turned into their signature melody. The immortal Sufi-rock song by the band Junoon just never gets old. Coke studio attempted to make a remake of this popular song but it can’t compete with the original one.


Billo de Ghar by Abrar-ul-Haq

Billo De Ghar is the most famous song by Abrar-ul-Haq. Everyone wanted to murmur this melody secretly. Abrar-ul-Haq entered the music industry with this amazing song and he gave many hit bhangra songs, however, nothing can beat Billo De Ghar. It is so much fun singing this song.


Asan ty jaanaa ae, Billo dy ghar,

Kinny kinny jaanaa ae, Billo dy ghar,

Ticket kaataao, laain baanaao

Jinny jinny jaanaa ae Billo dy ghar


Disco Deewane by Nazia Hassan

The late Nazia Hassan, otherwise called the ‘Ruler of Disco-Pop’, figured out how to offer 60 million records around the world. Working nearby her sibling, Zohaib Hassan, they made super hit songs, including their first collection that was announced the smash hit collection in Asia at the time. Disco Deewane was a really big hit song which was released in 1981.


Dil Dil Pakistan by Vital Signs

Dil Dil Pakistan was released in 1987. This song broke records. As a result of the energetic message behind this broadly renowned song, it is informally the national song of praise of Pakistan. Vital Signs is viewed as a standout amongst the best groups in Pakistan.


Chan Makhna by Shazia Manzoor

Shazia Manzoor gave us a super hit song “Chan Makhna”. This song is a must song in Pakistani wedding.  It is really a sweet song. Shazia Manzoor is really an amazing singer.


Cycle by Abrar-ul-Haq

Cycle by Abrar-ul-Haq is another light-hearted song of the 90s. It was released in 1990 and was a super hit song. So don’t miss to play the song and sing along shamelessly.


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