10 Magnificent Waterfalls in Pakistan

Naran Kaghan waterfall:

Naran Kaghan waterfall is amongst the most beautiful waterfalls of Pakistan. A large number of people visit these waterfalls every year. On your way to Kaghan valley, you have to stop your car and visit these falls and enjoy the fresh neat and clean water.

Manthoka waterfall:

The Manthoka waterfall is an amazing waterfall and found near Madupur, in Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan. The height of this waterfall is about 180 feet high and it is one of the most popular spots for camping fishing for tourists.

Pir Ghaib waterfall:

Pir Ghaib waterfalls are beautiful waterfalls located in the Bolan valley, about 70 kilometers from Quetta, Baluchistan. The waterfalls are divided into two separate waterfalls that flow into a large natural pool.

Shingrai waterfall:

The Shingrai waterfall is located in Swat, a panoramic valley in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. If you have a great attachment with nature then it’s the perfect place to start exploring the nature. It is one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Pakistan.

Neela Sandh waterfall:

Neela Sandh waterfall flows through a natural water stream located at More Syedan, Rawalpindi. If you live in Rawalpindi or nearby areas, then at every weekend you can have an amazing time here.

Sajjikot waterfall:

The waterfall of Sajjikot flows comes out in the flow with one another. This is located in Havelian near Abbottabad city. These twin waterfalls are amazing but rarely visited by locals and tourists. If you visit this area, then don’t miss the chance and drive over the waterfall and enjoy a family picnic.

Gulpur waterfall:

The Gulpur waterfall is located in the Kotli district of Azad Kashmir which knows for its beauty. The fresh air and surroundings keep the mood of every person happy that they want to visit this place again and again. If you want some peace and spend some quality time with your special ones then you must go there. The weather is so good that every person feels fresh there.

Narh waterfall:

The Narh waterfall is located in the village of Tehsil Kahuta. The distance of Narh waterfall is only 60 kilometers away from Islamabad. If you plan a short trip and get a chance to beat the summer heat then drive to the attractive village and enjoy the day.

Chotok waterfall:

Chotok waterfall is located in a small village of Moola which is approximately 100 kilometers from Khuzdar Baluchistan. It falls into a pool of fresh and cool water surrounded by moss-covered hills with blossoming greenery.

Jamgar falls:

Jamgar fall in Neelam valley surrounding by soaring hills and scenic jungle. This beautiful valley is located in the extended bow-shaped woody area in Azad Kashmir. Every time you go down this path then don’t forget to visit this beautiful waterfall.



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